As global disaster impacts rise across the globe, there is an increasing need for the accurate assessment and monitoring of hazards and risks, to support drought risk reduction. On the short term operational drought hazard and risk tools can increase immediate preparedness and adaptive responsiveness of people, companies, and governments. On the medium to long term drought assessments form the basis of adaptation strategies to increase water security and reduce the social, economic, and ecological risks of droughts.


Online catalogue - This website provides an online catalogue of the majority of worldwide available drought hazard and risk tools, ranging from drought indices and datasets to online platforms, newsletters, and software products. It enables users to search for the drought tool that is appropriate for their country or region and the specific sector or user group of interest. In addition, the catalogue distinguishes between different types of applications: drought hazard mapping, drought impact mapping, drought risk assessment, and drought monitoring and forecasting systems.

Currently, the drought catalogue contains over 200 drought risk tools available worldwide. However, as we may have overlooked tools and with the passing of time new tools are being developed, we encourage users to supply any tools that are not yet included in this drought catalogue.


Technical assessment of global drought tools – The assessment report contains a quantitative and qualitative comparison of available global drought datasets, indices, platforms, and drought detection and forecasting systems. The report gives examples of the use of different types of drought hazard and risk tools for specific applications and countries. Also, the report provides insights in the performance and comparability of drought hazard datasets and online drought impact/risk tools. Also, a qualitative assessment of drought monitoring and forecasting is described.


Guidance document - This document aims at providing guidance to policy makers, managers, and professionals when assessing drought hazard and risk. Drought risk can be assessed for a specific sector or user group or for the overall socio-economic situation of a country - either on the long term or in an operational setting. The document consists of two parts: The first part, which is aiming at policy makers and managers, describes the key principles of drought hazard and risk assessments. The second part consists of an implementation guide for professionals in the field of water management and drought. This implementation guide provides a step-by-step overview of all activities that can be done in order to carry out a thorough drought risk assessment. The document is supported by the inventory of drought hazard and risk modeling tools and the technical assessment of global drought tools.